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Sample Analysis

We can perform fast and efficient sample analysis either using a method provided by the client or developed by us. We strive to provide the fastest turnaround time possible because we know that every day makes a big difference in a fast paced drug development environment. Oftentimes, urgent investigations need to be performed that impact manufacturing process and effect drug quality and we do our best to accommodate such urgent requests.

Method Troubleshooting and Optimization

If you have an old QC method that does not work and constantly needs troubleshooting, we might have a solution for you. In the past, we have identified shortcomings in our clientele's various existing methods and assisted them with improving their methods’ performance. We have also helped them define and perform additional validation experiments to maintain compliance.

Method Development, Validation and Transfer

If you are in need of a challenging method development, you’ve come to the right place. Our scientists have expertise with virtually all possible classes of compounds and can find solutions to most difficult separations. Whether you are looking to quantitate a low level active compound with no UV chromophore or a highly labile compound, we can help solve your problem.

Once we develop a method, we can assist with method validation and transfer to a third party or to the client’s laboratory. We will provide necessary guidance on the validation experiments required in compliance with cGMP.

Polymer Analysis

Polymer research is integral to our team in nanotechnology R&D. We can analyze as pure polymers as well as mixtures containing polymers. 
Basic analysis includes mass analysis and polydispersity by GPC or SEC HPLC using conventional column calibration or multiangle light scattering. 
More adavanced analysis includes viscosity, breanching, micelle formation etc.

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